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Data Compliance for Chatbots!

Businesses and organizations worldwide spend a large amount of time scrutinizing their legal, IT, and data handling services on their efficacy to be data compliant. Data compliance in this tech-driven world is critical and any lapses in adhering

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How to prevent chatbot attacks?

Chatbots or intelligent VAs have quickly become a standard among businesses. These automated virtual assistants help manage critical data, But in the face of this rapid automation, elevate customer experience,provide personalized recommendations and the list goes on.

Scanta sheds light on the security risks of VA chatbots

Is Your VA Chatbot Protected From Attacks? In line with the sweeping AI takeover, humans have grown quite accustomed to talking with intelligent voice assistants or chatbots in recent years.


Scanta Wins 2018 SF Shark Tank Showcase

Scanta participated and won the prestigious 2018 Shark Tank Showcase in San Francisco in January. This marks the first time that a company from India has won the SF Shark Tank Showcase

Draper University

Scanta Wins 2018 Draper University Summer Pitch Competition

Draper University is a Silicon Valley school focused on providing immersive tech entrepreneurship programs

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Scanta Introduces Pikamoji to China

Scanta has finally made its way into mainland China late October of 2018 at an AR/VR conference located in Qingdao. This was hosted by the International Conference on Virtual Reality

Saudi Arabia Invites Scanta to MISK Global Forum 2018

Saudi Arabia Invites Scanta to MISK Global Forum 2018

World-class speakers, innovative partnerships and cutting-edge insights attend this conference annually, giving guidance to young and eager minds ready to absorb every bit of information